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PACTO is an international alliance of artists, artistic researchers and writers, gathered to discuss and explore collectivity, and to support one another's individual endeavors. Rather than being led by form or structure, PACTO seeks to inquire how to work together and what that means through practice-led processes.

PACTO is an actively growing intersectional, anti-hierarchical and decentralized group. PACTO came together through a MilesKm research project initiated in August 2017, and founded itself – themselves – as a collective in July 2018. Currently PACTO members live and work in London, Leiden, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Milan, Porto, and New York City. Our projects and working practice, which range from exhibitions to workshops, from discussions to collaborative writing, reflect this trans-locality.

We investigate the possibilities of collective work as an alternative to individualized practice. We understand the art world to be one in which collectivity, communality and sharing are vital, and as such, we seek to facilitate collaborations with other artists, researchers, writers and collectives. We value supportive, self-organizing, alternative and para-institutional models and we aim to reflect on these practices throughout our work together.

PACTO will be hosting our next Symposium at Raven Row on the 26th of June, more details coming soon...

This September PACTO will be in residency at This will take time in California, US. 

Several PACTO members are participating in the 12ø project 30 works, 30 days this month. 

Alessandro Moroni and Demelza Watts will be residents at Nela Residency in Porto, Portugal for May.

Kelly Lloyd is the current Starr Fellow at the Royal Academy 2018-2019.


Sensory Thresholds III @ A-Dash, Athens, Greece
Alternative Art School Weekender @ Ugly Duck, London, UK
/ PACTO x Sandwich x Hutt @ CAS, Croydon, UK
/ Collectives, not Collections Symposium @ Raven Row, London, UK
/ Metaxu Books, Poster Project @ Tooting, London, UK

/ COMPACTO @ Aarhus, Denmark
18 Malden Road @ 18 Malden Road, London, UK
/ MilesKm at Art licks @ Fillet, London, UK
/ It’s their thought that counts @ CAS, Croydon, UK
/ :pillow residency @ MACAO, Milan, Italy
/ La Guarida Fiesta @ MilesKm London, UK
/ Collective Residency @ Galicia, Spain

/ SOTD Alternative Education Open Day @ SET Space, London, UKDinner Essay @ The Gramounce, London, UK
/ Worshop Residency @ Bark, Athens, Greece


PACTO believes in mutual empowerment, love and support. We have started a new series of meetups called PACTO Dates in which PACTO goes on a date with another Collective. If you would like to go on a date with us get in touch! Some of our previous dates can be found here.

♥ 12ø
♥ Metaxu Books